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For hourly orders, this queue is just a reference point so that customers can view progress of their orders, if your order is showing as 100%, it does not mean it's ready - it will need to be inspected first to make sure your data is ok and we may resubmit all, or parts of the job.

For Syndicate or managed hosting orders, any job that is at 100% will be sent to you as is and the respective submission marked as completed, we aim to do this within 3-5 working days. Any additional frames needed, or reruns can just be resubmitted.

Pier 1 - Joblist - SPAIN

Subject Name / Submission# SubsTotal IntegrationAmount CompletedPendingDeferred
001120 P1 ngc660 10761206.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
001124 P1 ngc253 10761803.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
001336 P1 ngc891 9611599.25h80.0%0.0%20.0%
001387 p1 ic410 9611308.67h0.0%0.0%100.0%
001388 p1 ic410 2 9611308.67h44.4%0.0%55.6%
001451 p1 SH2-261 11711197.93h11.1%0.0%88.9%
1636 p1 m1 1169504.17h40.0%0.0%60.0%
1648 p1 m1 961655.42h28.6%0.0%71.4%
1682 p1 ngc4214 11711057.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
1683 p1 ngc4217 11711057.00h25.0%0.0%75.0%
1691 p1 m106 1108604.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
1758 p1 ngc7293 116916511.00h36.4%0.0%63.6%
1759 p1 ngc520 116919216.00h31.3%0.0%68.8%
1836 p1 ngc1333 116920417.00h29.4%0.0%70.6%
1841 p1 ngc281 95122510.50h0.0%0.0%100.0%
1842 p1 ngc281 2 95122510.50h0.0%0.0%100.0%
1867 p1 ngc660 95130010.00h10.0%0.0%90.0%
1868 p1 ngc7497 95154018.00h55.6%0.0%44.4%
1878 p1 lbn777 83321010.50h25.0%0.0%75.0%
1879 p1 ngc2841 8331557.75h10.0%0.0%90.0%
1880 p1 ngc3718 83316010.67h0.0%0.0%100.0%

List Updated On: 2022-10-03 10:00:02

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