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Welcome to Roboscopes

We have always dreamed of having our own remote deep sky imaging setup but could never seem to justify the considerable costs involved in either setting up a single bespoke system, buying the equipment and paying the monthly hosting fees. Our other option would have been paying for time on other peoples remote setups but this also seemed like a lot of money to us on an ongoing basis.

So we decided to do something unique. We opened our own multi pier remote observatory with reasonable rates for the whole world to use.

At a location in Southern Spain, we built our new observatory. We kitted it out with high quality equipment while maintaining our principle of reasonable rates.

The mantra for this project has always been based on the three G’s...

  • Great Location

  • Great Data

  • Great Prices

Membership Options

  • Silver - Free

  • Gold - Subscribed

  • Platinum - Subscribed

If you choose to be a free member simply image away using our competitive Pay As You Go pricing rates. However, if you become a  Gold or Platinum member of Roboscopes, then you will benefit from discounted hourly rates forever.

User Friendly Booking

We have built a simple but powerful booking page that's easy to use for all levels of experience, with helpful suggestions as well as the ability to use common names like M31 etc rather than having to use coordinates.

It has recommendations for sub lengths as well as calibration files and an easy to follow filter weighting guide.

Whether you're an imaging God or just starting out with deep sky imaging, Roboscopes want to deliver a great experience at a reasonable cost.

How it Works

  • Choose your object

  • Make a Booking

  • Receive your data

Take a Closer Look

Why not take a look at our comprehensive membership and pricing options and start your next imaging adventure with Roboscopes.

Download Free Sample Dataset

Pier-7 NGC6960 : The Veil Nebula

Just some of the images taken...

Pier 6 - FSQ-106

Pier 4 - Sigma Widefield
Courtesy of Mark Large

Pier 6 - FSQ-106

Passion for the night sky
Delivered to You

Apollo 11 - Our custom built observatory

e-EyE were kind enough to work with us to design a large multi pier observatory with a host of individual features

  • Insulated roof & walls

  • Deep insulated concrete slab floor that is thermally stable

  • Dehumidified (In winter)

  • State of the art infrastructure with onsite backup from e-EyE

  • UPS battery back up to all telescopes as well as critical systems

  • 100Mb Synchronous Fibre Optic internet connection

  • Dual weather monitoring systems

  • Internal & External camera monitoring system

  • Autonomous roof that automatically opens at dusk and closes just before dawn, adverse weather events aside

  • Low walls to take advantage of our superb horizons

Remote Spanish Location

  • 560 meters above sea level

  • Clear skies and dry climate with seasonal rainfall periods, normally late Autumn and Spring

  • Skies that hover around 21.5 SQM, peaking at 22 SQM on occasions

  • Seeing is 1-2 on average

  • Long nights & dark skies even during mid summer thanks to our lower latitude

Current Conditions

"Look up at the stars not down at your feet"

Wise words from the legendary Prof. Stephen Hawking

So what are you waiting for, come and book some time on one of our telescopes, it's simple, quick and easy.

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