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Pier 8 - Messier 63

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Pier 8 - Messier 63 was created by simonnickydowning

I am not sure whether I am supposed to be posting images here or in the gallery or both, but here is my most recent process. It is in the gallery also and it comprises of 228 LRGB subs at 5 minutes in length each - 19 hours imaging time. Due to the error with the camera at the moment, I have had to do a big crop to remove most of it. Thanks everyone...

22 Mar 2021 15:59

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Replied by Phil on topic Pier 8 - Messier 63

Once the gallery comments section is ready we will lock off this latest posta thread on the forum Simon. So for now your welcome to post in either
Phil McCauley
Roboscopes Staff
22 Mar 2021 16:55

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