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Pier 1 - the Seagull Nebula

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Pier 1 - the Seagull Nebula was created by simonnickydowning

Using 11 Has, 29 OIIIs and 37 SIIs, each at an exposure time of 10 minutes, I have posted this effort - 12 hours and 50 minutes being the exposure time. My biggest struggle with this was getting the noise reduced, without losing its sharpness. I do hope all of you are okay.

By the way, I was wondering if this should be renamed, or equivalently named, the 'crooked smile nebula...'

21 Feb 2021 17:28

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  • Phil
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Replied by Phil on topic Pier 1 - the Seagull Nebula

Nicely done there Simon :)
Phil McCauley
Roboscopes Staff
22 Feb 2021 08:25

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